Asterisk and PBX Integration through QSIG

Hi all experts,

Actually I have to do the integration Asterisk and Legacy PBX through QSIG (E1/T1). I did the successfully and its working. All incoming and outgoing call going through between both PBXs is working smoothly. Now, I have problem is for transferring call.

For example

I have extension in PBX is which is for operator 2001. Once call comes in Asterisk E1 line from the PBX, than some option will play like “press 1 for sales, press 2 for account and press 3 for operator”. When user press 3 for operator, I have to transfer the call to the Operator extension which is 2001. I have to blind transfer call to the operator extension and after that channel will be release, any one have suggestion or answer to help me out. I have to transfer the call without taking second channel. If i use the second channel for dialing operator extension than I have to do the conference call, and both channels will busy until call get free. Please any one know about how to transfer call on by using same channel.

Thanks in advance.


This is either not currently possible, or you will need to use the Transfer() application.

The Transfer application is only supported for a small number of channel technologies and, at least for SIP, doesn’t handle failures well.

RLT/2BCT ( might work on the cpe side of Q.SIG, but I can’t recall. We can’t do it as the net side.



Thanks for your help and information. Let me try 2 B-Channel Transfer and I update if it will success.