Transfer a call to queue in c#

Hi all

I am getting a call from “104”, lets say “Caller A” received the call.
After handling this call “Caller A” want to transfer this call to a queue “8202”.
lets say “Caller B” received the call. now the connection has to be made between “104” and “Caller B” and “Caller A” has to get disconnected.

This I can achieve through X-lite by dialing “##8202” after Answering the call but I want it to be done through C# or Asterisk CLI. The challenging part here is I am not able to transfer the call from “Caller A” to queue “8202” on button click. Even CLI command for this problem is also helpful.

Can any one help please…

manager show command redirect

thanks david55…
Redirect is not having an option to transfer the call to queue which in my case is “8202”

Queue is an application, you can only transfer to an extension. Extensions can then run applciations.

thanks david
Can you please elaborate …
If not Redirect how can I possibly do that…
e.g. I have a queue 8202 and i need to transfer to another queue named 8203 through c# (preferably) or asterisk CLI.