Transfer Button Behavior on Polycom Phone

I am posting this query on both the Asterisk forum and the Polycom forum as I’m not sure where the issue actually lies – and perhaps it is not even an issue but just normal behavior. On the Polycom 33x phones when one wants to transfer a call, you press the transfer button, enter the number you want to transfer the call to and then you have to press dial in order for the second instance of the transfer button to appear. Having to press that dial button to get the second appearance of the transfer button is not really intuitive. I am wondering if I am missing something in the configuration of the Polycom phone or perhaps it is something in our dialplan that is waiting for more digits before displaying the transfer button again. Every system I’ve ever worked with has exhibited the behavior of pressing transfer, dialing the number and then pressing the transfer button again. However on the Polycom phone when you press the transfer button the first time and enter the number, the transfer softkey is not there until you press the dial button. Again, not very intuitive. Thanks in advance for any insight into this.