Call Transfer issue *Newbie*

Hi all,
New to the forum and recently inherited a Trixbox to support. I have a call transfer issue and am hoping that you can help.

I have a user that acts as an operator. When she gets a second call, putting the first call on hold, she cannot then transfer the second call. She is using a Polycom 550 phone. It appears the the phone is not picking an available line when trying to make the transfer. There are plenty of available trunks to pick from. Do I need to specify a number of available lines for a phone that does multiple transfers? We are running a Trixbox v. Thank in advance for your assistance.

There is no intrinsic restriction in Asterisk and Trixbox is abandonware.

For SIP transfers, you need to be clear whether this is a features.conf transfer, and for native SIP transfers whether it is actually a blind or attended transfer (some phones do the former as though they were the latter).

At the moment, it is most likely that the limitation is in the phone.

Thanks for the reply. When you say that the limitation is in the phone is it a configuration that can be addressed or is it a hardware limitation? It seems like a user should be able to handle 2 simultaneous calls and be able to transfer or handle the second call in all fashions?

I’m suggesting a firmware limitation of the phone. That will vary from brand to brand.

Asterisk could be made to impose that sort of restriction, but that would require an intent in the dialplan design. Unfortunately Fonality aren’t going to tell you that, so you would have to read the dialplan yourself.

Using a features.conf type transfer, ratther than a native one, might help.