Making a transfer

I have the following problem. I have queue, and when someone call me (or my agent) I want to be able to transfer to call to a given extension. I have added tr to Dial, reloaded it, but I am still not able to do the transfer. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?


you don’t add the t/T flag to your dial command, you add it to the Queue command…

look at your dialplan and find where you call the application Queue to send the caller to the queue. add the ‘t’ flag there and you should be able to use whatever is defined in features.conf for transferring.

everything you need is in the two pages below: … +cmd+Queue … tures.conf

Thanks alot! And sorry for bugging you with all these questions (but im starting to understand more and more of Asterisk). One funny thing, during my testing the transfer call, I tried to redirect a call. However I was interrupted by my cellphone, which started ringing (unaware that I actually by mistake I had transfered the call to my cellphone (which has a built in SIP phone).