Transfering Calls doesnt work

Hi guys,
i want to know why call transfering doesnt work with queues. i have passed
Tt to the Queue() application. when i press #, asterisk plays pbx_transfer
followed by dialtone. after dialing the extension nothing happens. I have
tried to transfer the call without queues with the help of
Dial(SIP/2006,Tt), it works fine but whenever i include queues it just wont
work anymore. some time it displays this warning:
chan_h323.c:691 oh323_indicate: Don’t know how to indicate condition 16 on

and when i hangup it displays this:

[color=darkred]-- User disconnected from queue MyQueue while waiting their turn
== Spawn extension (default, 1234, 0) exited non-zero on

help needed…

well i figured out that it does actually tranfer the user to the extension where i want it to, for example i transfer the user to the following conference room:


but as usual it does nothing and when i hangup, the log tells me that the user has disconnected from the exten 1234

[color=darkred] == Spawn extension (default, 1234, 0) exited non-zero on ‘H323/ip$’[/color]

so why doesnt it executes the Meetme application, and also there is no 0 priority in my dialplan.