Track the phone number I'm forwarded to in the middle of a call

Hello everyone!

If I’m in a call with client (company) with the number 111-111-111-111 for 1 minute, and this client forward our call to his colleague on the same PBX with the number 111-111-111-222. I will see 111-111-111-111 as CALLERID on my screen.

Is it somehow possible with asterisk to see the number I’m forwarded to? In this case 111-111-111-222. Maybe somewhere in the logs? Anything else?

Depends on what gets sent to Asterisk. Please provide an example of the signalling (details depend on channel technology, and for DAHDI, on lower level considerations) and indicate where in that signalling the updated number appears.

If the technology is capable of handling it, and does so in an appropriate way, see Manipulating Party ID Information - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

just be aware that most providers do not allow updating the number midcall
as it may cause problems with the following

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