Forward phone calls if no anwer


I am using the call froward, if nobody answers.
I setup the “followme.conf” file …

context = foo
number = 0744233232,30

Ususally, when somebody is calling, I can see the phone number displaying on the VoIP phone.
If I have to forward the call to the mobile, I am loosing the CID ! ( I can see only "unavailable ")

  • Is there a way to make display the phone number of the callee on the mobile phone ?


Short answer: no.
Your mobile gets the number from the line that is calling to it. And that is your outgoing line on your Asterisk.

You could set that number from the incoming line, but providers don’t allow you to use another callerid for outgoing calls then your own (or one that they have verified that you own)

So, it can be technically done to show the callerId from the incoming line but providers don’t allow it.

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thanks for your reply…

And how would you do that ?
A simple config as I did, is not enough ?

Asterisk will pass CLID through if you use a channel driver that supports CLID, like SIP, or, with a compatible network, dahdi (it is unlikely that any provider would accept CLID over an analogue line, though). The only other limitation is that you mustn’t configure anything that is incompatible with sending callerid.

To get your service provider to accept arbitrary CLID from you will normally need to register as a network operator with the appropriate national regulatory authority, e.g. Ofcom in the UK. Basically, you need the same sort of clearance as needed to receive ANI when CLID is withheld. Alternatively, you could find the sort of disreputable ITSP used by boiler room scammers.

Basically, the ability to originate arbitrary caller ID is too open to fraudulent use to be generally available. I would seriously question the ethics of any company that offers such a service.