Caller id for forwarded call

Hi ,

I am using Asterisk 1.4 and also using polycom phone when I forward call from one extension to other extension (from 232 to 136) when call comes to 232 it rings on 136 but 136 cannot be able to identify that call is for 232. I want alteast it should show callerid as “call forward 232 and calleridnum” so that 136 will be able to know that its call for 232.

I will appriciate if anyone can help


If you could post the dialplan that does the forwarding as there are many versions we can see how that can be intergratted in. My systems do just this if 2334 forwards to 2333 the forwarded calls have a callerID name of “forwarded from 2334” depending on the dialplan its a one liner to do.


Hi We don’t do forwarding on * but we use phone forward button to do forwarding.Please let me know still you need dial plan.


If you are using the phones forward feature thne this is a phone issue not an asterisk isssue. you will need to take it up with the phone supplier.

What has to be remembered is SIP phones are inteligent devices and can provide PBX type features, If you use those features then dont expect * to be able to influence how it works.


Hi Ian,

thanks a lot can you please help me to configure call forwarding using asterisk.

I will be glad if you send me the configuration.