Third call to members in a queue

I created a issue but is closed without solution.

I have created a queue with only one member so you don’t miss calls. This member use a Cisco SPA504G (it allows 4 simultaneous calls) and the extension has call-limit=10. The member receives up to 2 simultaneous calls but when the third one enters, he stays in the queue without ringing until one of those two hangs up. How can I make the extension receive up to 4 simultaneous calls?



maxlen = 0
periodic-announce = wait
periodic-announce-frequency = 15
announce-frequency = 0
announce-holdtime = no
member => SIP/1000001014997

To understand me, the spa504G phone allows up to 4 simultaneous calls, I have it configured with the extension 4997 that appears in the queue configuration. When I call the queue, only two simultaneous calls appear on the phone, however if I dial the extension I can make the 4 calls and they appear correctly. In the queue I have no call limit so it seems weird … it’s as if the queue where limited two calls per agent.

You might want to move from SIP channel members to LOCAL channel members. This would involve creating a new context that ultimately dials your SIP channels, without regard as to their current state. However, I think this will be frustrating for your users, if they are getting bombarded with calls.

It seems like a basic function that an agent in a queue can receive more than three simultaneous calls. Is there really no other way to do it? The normal thing for an operator is to receive many calls through a queue and interact with them using the telephone.

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