Thinking about switching to Asterisk

I am hoping that someone can answer some basic questions about Asterisk for me.

Currenly I have a 48 port IVR system running on a Windows 2003 Server with 2 480JCT Dialogic Cards. It uses a VB.NET/SQL Server Back end with a VoiceGuide IVR API Interface. I have found the current setup to be relatively unstable and I am looking into an alternative. Here are my questions…

  1. Can Asterisk be assimilated into an existing VB.NET wrapper with relative ease?
  2. Is Asterisk easy to use to make/answer calls?
  3. Can I use the existing D cards or possibly migrate to VOIP or SIP?
  4. Can it be run on Windows or is a Linux server required?

Thanks in advance for your response

Asterisk is designed for Linux. There are some ports for windows, but only for old versions.
Not sure if mono can handle
Asterisk can easy “make/answer calls” - very easy.
After some googling - no drivers for those cards for Asterisk - meaning either they will not work, or it will be hard job.


Same problem with me… I want to move my current dialogic system to asterisk … because it is unstable and also takes time for development.

kindly guide me if possible i have Dialogic DMV1200 BTEP…

Thanks in advance

can you make a trunk between asterisk and your old system? if yes, then you can easily move the whole setup on asterisk. it is easy.

hi… Thanks zainab…

You mean to say I received a call from my current dialogic system and fwd this call to asterisk using SIP…?

that’s correct.