The "searching asterisk documentation" tips thread!

I’m trying to “roll my own search” for Google, because the Asterisk Wiki search often returns unwanted stuff, and searching on Google always gives me utterly useless and misleading results from that wretched site which, as a newbie, gave me so much misleading info an stress!
If you’ve not come across it, it appears to have taken a snapshot of the VOIP world and Asterisk as it was in 2005, and then laden it with ads and got to the top of Google!

I find the Asterisk wiki to be full of good info, but who needs results for v1.8, and what use is this as a result when searching for “CDR?” … 117&api=v2

So, I rolled my own Google Search! Try it … rdia6myvc0


and excludes*

Let me know if there are any other sites or patterns to include and/or exclude and together we can make this thing rock!

I’ve done it! Here’s my way of “giving something back”

In Chrome, go to “settings>manage search engines”.
Give it a name, and then in the URL box, paste this:

In the keyword box, enter something you’re not likely to type in any other event - I chose “adx”.
Save and close. From now on, if you want to quickly search only the Asterisk forum and wiki (without the timeouts or info for obsolete versions) just go to the omnibox (what Google calls the address bar), type adx, hit tab, then your search. Should look like this:

PS - It’s ever so quiet here seeing as how many Asterisk users there are!

Thanks for your time.