Newbie ivr question

I dont know if its the new site or not but I can’t find any documentaion at all. I am particularly interested in the IVR functionality. Can someone please give me a link to any documentation at all. Thanks.

Searching this forum and Google returns quite a bit. Look here:

Thanks. I have found plenty of tips but isn’t there any official documentation?

This is an opensource project, the official documentation is provided as various READMEs and examples in the source code. The Asterisk Wiki (highlighted above) is the best source for information above and beyond what is included in the distribution.

Alternative documentaitons projects are: … +Telephony

And of course you could purchase the Asterisk Business Edition from Digium which comes with documentation: … roduct=ABE

I did find this which was a good start.

[quote=“bobmanc”]I did find this which was a good start.[/quote]

Yes, this is a mirror to the book posted above: … +Telephony