Tech Support

Is there any other company that give tech support for Asterisk other than calling Digium directly? Of course that is related to Digium. My problem is that I need to buy tech support and I cannot believe that there is only two people that handles this and one is in a conference and don’t know about the other but the point is that both of them are out in the same week. I’m not complaining is just that I need this square away by the end of this week, you know pressure from the big guys. What do you recommend I do? Because I think there is not much a can’t do but I have to give it a try.


Have you looked here … onsultants

Ive noticed several post by you what issue are you haveing that you cant get resolved

Yeah I did and been going thru the list. There is a lot of things going on and I have a lot of pressure from my boss that this need to be up and running and there is no way that I’m going to have ready by the time they want it. That is why we are looking for a company including Digium to give us some quotes for technical support.