Noise on Asterisk Server possibly on PRI card

I am running * and have a TE405P card with one PRI installed. I am having a consistent problem as follows:

The remote side of the call (the person not on my PBX) hears some static and gravelly distortion of the callers voice on my side. My user hears things perfectly with no noise or distortion. This occurs regardless of whether the call is initiated by my user or the remote side is calling into the PBX.

This does not happen when the call is not travelling across the PRI. If the call goes in AND out through the ethernet ports, the quality is superb each direction.

The telco reports no problems with the PRI (of course), so I am at a loss.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


possibly a timing issue? try setting the card to use the remote timing source, also check zttest to see what you get…