TE405P and server Intel motherboard SE 7520BD2


I made an upgrade from 1xE1 (using board TE110P) to TE405P.
My server platform is Dual Xeon with motherboard SE 7520BD2(http://www.intel.com/design/servers/boards/se7520bd2/index.htm)
Last 6 moths ago the server works very fine with TE110P but when I replaced TE110P with TE405P I had some problems.
The first problem is with E1 syncronization.
When I connected the first E1 from TE405P to PBX(I connected same PBX port with TE110P and TE405P) the led status was red. With TE110P the led status was green.
I made the test ./patlooptest /dev/zap/1 60 with looback cable in first port and I receive many errors like :
(Error 266852): Unexpected result, 0 != 1, 1 bytes since last error.
The led status of board TE405P with loopback cable was red and the led status of board TE110P was green with same loopback cable and same server.
I tested the board TE405 on desktop PC and in that case the board TE405P works well.

Can you tell me what is the problem between TE405P and Intel motherboard SE 7520BD2?

Best Regards,
Adrian Radu

have you asked this question to Digium support directly ??

If the span is not coming out of alarm with a loopback plug/cable then it sounds like the card is not taking interrupts or is dead. Call Digium support.