TDM800P Installation

Have been attempting to get a TDM800P loaded with TrixBox to no avail. Have the latest Zaptel and Asterisk installed, but I’m sure I’m missing something simple and cannot find it in any documentation. What are the steps to getting this board to load? I have a TDM804P and a TDM802P. Can get other boards to load. :frowning:

modprobe wctc4xxp

If the module is not found, you need to upgrade Zaptel.


That’s the driver for the TC400B. You’re just requesting that to check to see if the user has a recent enough Zaptel?


Woops. Had the wrong card on my mind.

modprobe wctdm8xxp

Just my 2 cents. I read somewhere (and it works for me) to modprobe wctdm24xxp instead. I know thats for the 24 port card, not the 8. But like I said, it works for me.

Update: According to the TDM800P User Manual , Page 26. You should indeed modprobe wctdm24xxp .

Yes the card uses the wctdm24xxp driver, however wctdm8xxp is an alias to it.