Need Help Installing TDM400

I recently purchased a used TDM400P with 4 FXO cards but I am having trouble getting the card to come online. I was wondering at what point should the green LEDs light up? Do they come on as soon as the card is plugged in and the computer is booted up, or do they only come on once the Zaptel drivers are loaded? I am starting an Asterisk installation using TrixBox which from what I have read should configure this card automatically using the genzaptelconf command. Is there any sure way to test the card and/or the FXO Modules? The Linux installer recognizes the card and configures it as a : ?Tiger Jet Network Inc. Tiger3XX Modem/ISDN interface but I am still unable to load the drivers. I edited the ?spinlock.h? file before downloading and installing the most recent Zaptel Drivers but I still get several error messages. The Card is installed on a MSI K8N Neo V2.0 motherboard with only the onboard LAN turned on in the bios. If I run zttool it only shows ZTDUMMY/1 1. The TDM400 doesn?t show up. I am thinking the card is bad but I don?t want to send it back if it is only a configuration problem. After running genzaptelconf my zaptel.conf doesn’t show any of the channels so I am assuming the card is never coming online for the configuration to take place. I manually set up the 4 channels in zaptel.conf and when I run ztcfg -vvv the 4 channels show up but then it shows an error on channel 1 which I assume stops it from reading the other 3 channels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.