Digium TDM400p, A newbie is installing and not succeeding


Getting started with my Digium TDM400p ( TDM22B as I understand it ), got big hopes for this card and an application which is already written in my mind (c;= My hopes is to get my school to run this, my future, application.

Did install the latest Trixbox release, installing the Digium card.

  • so this is where I am a bit unsure, not quite comfortable with the telecom-lingo being only a java-programmer.
    I would like to get the card running.

My helper is the User’s manual, running the command on page 23 which is
’lspci’ and everything seems fine.
Running the commands on page 26 ( modprobe wctdm ) and going forward to /etc/zaptel.conf and writing the following.


and running the command '# modprobe wctdm ’ and ‘#ztcfg -vv’ ( page 28 )

I understand the above that I can take the incoming line to my household, coming from my telecom operator, and attach it to port 1 or port 2.
I choose to attach it to port 1.
Ant that I should take my phone and attach it to port 3 or port 4.
I choose to attach my phone to port 4.

Everything seems good so far.

Chapter 3 ‘Configuration’.
I am checking out the zapata.conf.
The one on my computer looks a lot like the one in the manual.

I do the following changes.
( this one was no in the file )

( this one is missing in the file, so I am adding these lines )

[code];; FXS modules

;; FXO modules
the above makes me abit unsure, because page 27 says the following


  • should not the above be like this instead !?
    ;; FXS modules
    signalling= fxs_ks
    channel= 3-4

;; FXO modules
signalling= fxo_ks

Or should I not be messing around with that ?
is the manual that I am following correct ?

page 32 and 33 concerns the voicemail.conf and extensions.conf.

I added ‘Mark Spencer’ of course according to the manual.

Did not make any changes in the extionsions.conf - Trixbox says that one should only make changes in that file through a webbrowser and I do not have an network connection with that computer at the moment.

page 34. 'Testing your configuration’
running the following:

asterisk -vvvvr

I get a shell.
the manual says ’ dial tone should be present on phones connected to the FXS ports’

no dial tone is heard.

could someone help me out here.

I would really like to get this card, then getting it to work with sugarCRM.

best regards, i

the current FXO/FXS config is correct

FXO ports use FXS signaling
FXS ports use FXO signaling

As for your dial tone issues, I had a TDM400P recently (4 x FXO) and was having so much trouble with incoming and outgoing calls (on asteriskNow 1.0.2) that Digium support sent me a TDM410. Seems the TDM400 is end of life now, but you should still call them for support at 256.428.6000. They give free phone support for the initial setup of your card.