Good day,

As a newbie I would like to have your suggestion about an interface card for my Asterisk project. I simply want to create a home PBX. At home I own one POTS line and have no plan to add more. So far I have looked at the Digium Wildcard TDM400P.

On my home PBX I plan to use my POTS line on one FXO port, use one POTS one a FXS port and also plan to purchase 2 IP phone.

Can the Wildcard TDM400P support IP phones on FXS port. If not, what can I do to support IP phones ?

In short:

FXO port (for external line)
FXS port (for POTS phone)
FXS (for IP Phone ?)
FXS (for IP Phone ?)

Thank you for your time.

IP phones should be connected to a data network: usually you plug them in some Ethernet plug in your LAN…