I’m having difficulty getting a new TDM2401E card to work. The card looks like it’ s alive and well when you run xttool and from Asterisk it shows four channels alive and well when you say zap show channels.

The problem is that it won’t pick up the line and dial. Asterisk reports that it’s dialing on Zap/1, I have a POTS line attached to the first pair on the 25 pair telco connector, but the line never breaks dial tone or attempts to dial.

Incoming calls don’t activate the switch either.

Am I missing something? I’ve installed many TDM400’s in the past and have done similar to install this card.

I’m running two different machines with the same results.

Machine 1: AMD64 running Fedora Core 4 with a gob of RAM.
Machine 2 (our test bench): Intel Celeron 800 running Fedora Core 4 and 300M + of RAM.

Again, in a production environment, we have the AMD64 machine with two four port TDM400 cards in it, running fine. Swap the two TDM400’s for a TDM2400 and the outside lines don’t work.

Help? Anyone?