TDM2400 and Mitel SX2000 Light


Hello all,

I’m trying to intergrate our Mitel with an * box. We are out of space for t1’s on the Mitel. What I would like to try is interfacing to the Mitel using analog lines connected to a TDM2400 with a FXS module, then our phone person would set up the Mitel so that when a person dials the proper prefix the Mitel connects to the “trunk” that is connected to the * box via the TDM2400. At that point the dial tone would be generated by the * box and the * boxes dialing rules should apply. Does it sound like this would work? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!





Have a look at

I would use extensions and FXO ports, That way you can have Two way traffic. You will need to set up dummy numbers on the 2k but thats not an issue.



Hi Ian,

I had looked at the link you posted. So how would I set it up in *? Zap extension, zap trunks or both? That is what is confusing me. I’m not a telephony expert (obviously), I’m a networking person. I will appreciate any pointers!