Tcp port 5060 on Asterisk

Hi all,

Is there a way to make Asterisk listen to port tcp/5060? I have found that “Asterisk does not yet support SIP over TCP. It only supports SIP over UDP.” ( … g+sip.conf)
BUT latest Trixbox does listen on TCP. Is it a configuration option or a patch? Trixbox uses Ast. 1.2.12.

I really need this because I have a failover/HA device (RanchNetworks RN300) which detects if a service is down by probing tcp ports, but not UDP.

This maybe of interest

It worked. Thank you.

Hi icapan,

Can you tell me how it worked? In which asterisk release/beta version did you apply the patch to?


OK, I applied the patch to the trunk and the code compiled fine. However, asterisk does not start. I get the following error:
asterisk: relocation error: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: SSL_library_init

I have the openssl library installed. Any ideas on why asterisk is failing to start?