TAPI on Windows 10 Nightmare

OK guys I am trying to get TAPI working on Windows 10 64 bit…It worked under windows 7.

FYI we are using a Digium Switchvox but I really think its windows related.

I absolutely CANNOT get a TAPI driver working. SIPTAPI just will not go/install(even manually). I have tried several and the closest I have gotten is with Activa. The problem is 2 fold. SIPTAPI and others have their configure option greyed out in the “phone and modem” section. Activa will allow me to configure etc. But when I try to dial with dialer.exe it just hangs then errors out.

I have tried running control panel and dialer as administrator…still no go. When I run wireshark on the client machine I do not even see an attempt to send a request to the PBX.

please help.