Man in the Middle Config

:confused: Hi All,

Thanks for reading my question. I have a old (comdial) PBX setup with 100 extensions, and is serviced by a T1. I want to put a asterisk box in, where i can input existing T1 into asterisk and then have asterisk service my comdial by outputting another T1 (local). This way i don’t need to modify anything into my comdial system and it works as if nothing happend. Later when i connect asterisk to my network (and/or internet), i can possibly have sip phones (local and outside) making calls using the T1. I was thinking to use TE212P or TE207P as hardware.

Is this scenario possible or am i way off on my thinking. Also if anyone has done anything similar, that will be sweet!!

P.S. I have roughly 700 DIDs coming on T1, out of which i am only using 300 or so in my comdial.


I would build the local PRI T1 connection from the Asterisk to the comdial and and test making calls between the two, making sure dtmf works and cid and whatever else.

Once that is done bring in the T1 from the telco, and setup your dialplan on the asterisk.

Thier should be some information on this site about this stuff if your wanting to read…