t1 line options

Would it be better if getting a t1 line to break the t1 line into seperate channels for voice and data, or to use a sip provider for my voice (like voicepulse) and use the full t1 for data?


All of this depends on your situation. How many voice channels do you need? Is this for a business? How much bandwidth do you need? Do any of the local Telcos provide a converged service?

We currently have 8 phones and 5 lines coming in.

Data bandwith is not as important, right now we have 784k dsl, and use it 95% for only casual surfing and email.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Under those circumstances you would probably be OK using a single T1 and breaking 5 channels off for voice and the rest for data. IMHO you would be better off looking for a telco that can provide a converged T1, somebody like Cbeyond.

cbeyond isn’t available in my area (TN, or so the website said)

If i break off 5 channels for voice, wouldn’t I still need to pay for Long Distance?

If i use a sip provider, wont need to worry about that.

I’ve never dealt with a t1 before, so I may be thinking incorrectly, if I am please let me know!

Thanks for your input

What part of Tn yoiu in?