Help with my T

The info I got from my telco concerning the T1 just installed is

PRI = NI-2
Framing = ESF
Line Code = B8ZS
Line BID out = 0-133 ft

Channels 1-5 are voice DID
Channels 13-24 are data and used for DSL 768/768

Could someone help me with understanding this and the best way to use * with it. Currently the 5 voice are broken out analog to a R66 block and the DSL to an ethernet RJ-45 block.

If the T1 is broken out analog to the 66 block then from Asterisk’s point of view you do not need to know all the T1 info. Just make some lines with RJ11 and run them into a TDM04B card which will take 4 lines. Would need a TDM01B for the 5th line.

Just read your other post. If you want to bring the T1 into Asterisk you will need a T1 card of course. If you want the Asterisk box to be a gateway for your data channels on the T1 it can also do this.