System Configuration

Fresh install. What’s the trick to getting into the System Configuration link in the upper Right Corner. admin and my PW is rejected…

I am assuming this si with AsteriskNOW.

When you first logged into the GUI did it ask you to change your password? If so use the original password that you set during the install as that one didn’t change.

There are two “user accounts” one for rPath Linux and one for the Asterisk GUI. During setup the GUI user and password are set the same as rPath but if you change the GUI password the rPath password will not change and vice-versa.

The GUI did not prompt a password change. And the orginal setup from the .ISO boot will not work.

Got a way to change is via the CLI?

Greg :smile:

I have the same problem on AsteriskNOW. Attempts to log in with ‘admin’ and my password are rejected. I have not changed the GUI password since the original ISO setup boot.

I’ve tried accessing from both Microsoft IE 7.0 and Firefox 2.07. Both are rejected.


user = admin
password = password :smiley:

Hechenle Ganas Chavos