AsteriskNOW 1.4.0 b2 GUI password problem

I just installed AsteriskNOW from asterisk-1.4.0-beta2-x86-disc1.iso from an ISO I just downloaded today. I then connected to the Web GUI as instructed. It asks for my username and password, which is the password set during install. After entering “admin” and the password, it says “CONNECTED!” and then gives me over to another login page for the setup wizard. When I put in the same username and password, the page just reloads and asks again for my username and password. No number of times repeating said ritual will get me to the next page.

I’m using Firefox 2. I checked /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and it has the correct admin password. I tried using “admin” and “password” for the password, but that didn’t help. I think there is something wrong with one of the JavaScript files on the /static/config/setup/index.html page (prototype.js or astman.js) because the index.html has next to nothing in it.

I’ve installed it twice: once using the Expert method; and once using the Custom method. When I did the Custom method, the only things I changed were to rename the host name and add a boot loader password. All other opitons were the default options. I’m about to install it again using the Express install method, but I don’t think I’ll see any difference.

I asked the question on the #asteriskNOW IRC channel, but I thought I’d try here now so the answers would end up being posted publicly. Does anyone else run into the same issues?

i think you’ll get more AsteriskNOW users on the AsteriskNOW forums (a bit lower down the page).