System backup-asterisk

Hi anyone knows how to backup a whole asterisk system from a server to any media type or flatform.

just for safety purposes…just like imaging a windows system…
Is it possible? :smile:

check out rsync. … +Solutions

ok…Is there also other ways like you can make a recovery disc with all the asterisk system are copied to disc and can be restored anytime…using the disc media

Just google for linux cloning

heres a couple I found (never used any of them)

What we did is use CloneZilla to clone our functional Asterisk server to another HDD in a similar machine then we have Retrospect running to do a daily backup of the entire system. Retrospect isn’t free and it just so happens that our office uses it.

You can check out rsnapshot, Areca, Bacula, and AMANDA. Areca is the most user friendly, but seems unstable.