Backups, a big discussion?


Many places seem to mention many different ways and ideas when it comes to making backups of your asterisk system. So I would like to start another source :smile:

Who want to share their notions on backups? I am as green to Linux as they get…


  1. Which folders and files? there is a list of locations in “/etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf” if I backup all of those, do I then have backups of all ‘data’ and configs?
  2. Full System Backup? I do a fresh * install in about 45 minutes (debian, *, etc). do I need a Full System Backup if I have the files listed under Q1?
  3. How? What tools / scripts to use?

Just to start things off :smile:

There are different ways to go about backup and the solution you choose usually will be based on your budget, your tolerance for data loss, and your time to recover from a loss. (My list does not include various failover options (except heartbeat) since you only asked about backup)

You could go the heartbeat route, and have 2 identical servers with a distributed file system. (DRBD), when one server has a hardware issue, the other one can pick up.

You could back up the directories on a schedule, and know the potential for loss of data between backups.

Or you could just care about the configuration files and change management and store them in a subversion server.