Switching from a Grandstream to a Polycom

I have a quick question. I am using Asterisk 1.4. I have a user that has changed phones (grandstream budge tone 200 to a polycom 330). I have changed the sip.conf and extensions.conf (this is the only place extension information is kept). I have also unplugged the old phone and plugged in the new phone. The polycom is using ftp to load its configuration. The polycom does show the ext on the phone. I did a sip reload and a dialplan reload. I have also tried setting the host to the ip address of the new polycom in the sip.conf. This got rid of the old ip address, but I still see the useragent listed as grandstream… I just remove the ext from the sip.conf, did a sip reload, then added the ext back. The grandstream info nolong displays, but I do not see the ip address for the new phone nor the and info in useragent. It seems I have overlooked something. Does anyone know what to do next?

Never mind. I found there was a problem in the config of the phone (new polycom). The ip router was incorrect. I will need to check my default config for polycom.