Suggestions for Asterisk and Sybase ASE 12.0


I like to use Asterisk interconnecting with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise version 12.

here is the scenario:

Our Sybase ASE-12.0 Database hold records for clients, the money balance of each client is save in this ASE server.

Now what i want to do is…

When the clients call from PSTN (outside phone) they are authorized to inquire their money balance in their account in our Sybase ASE-12.0 Database Server through Asterisk. Their money balance shall be announced

can u give suggestions on how Asterisk Server could Access to Sybase ASE Server and annouce the clients balance or money in the Sybase.

note: Sybase ASE-12.0 Server is in Windows 2000 Server
and there are almost 10,000 clients in the Database server

Hope to hear you soon…


anyone had tried connecting from Php Linux to Windows Sybase?
could please tell me