How can i connect database ASE from windows to my debian lrn

good day,
i am still new in asterisk and i hope you will consider my question. I have installed asterisk 1.6 in my debian lenny 5.0. I want to connect to database ASE in windows to my debian. This is what i want i will be making an agi script that if you want to press particular number, it will ask for like example an account number and will check it into the database in the windows server. My problem in these is that how can i connect it to the database ASE? can unixODBC or iodbc libraries can make this? or is there a free software that will have an library so that i can connect to the ASE database? Thank you so much for your help. I hope you can help me.

After doing research regarding these problem, i found the solution through freetds connection. For those concerned members who is trying to help me thank you so much.