Requesting advice on what hardware to purchase

so i am planning on putting up a asterisk server by my ISP’s hosting facility and im trying to figure out what type of server i need to purchase.
It has to be a U rack server and i need it to run at least 200 concurrent calls in G711 and to have capabilities of G729 just in case users decide to use g729.
Also i wanted to double check that with a pure 5/5 dedicated connection i could push 1600 calls in g711u??

i would also need a server that has at least 4 PRI/E1 connections with the option to expand.

Where can i get such a server and what requirements should i have???
Please advise

I don’t think anyone going to be able to give you a definitive answer b/c there’s a lot going that would be impossible to scope out your overall design. I can only suggest instead of cramming everything to 1 server, distribute calls to multiple servers and look into pure SIP proxy instead of relying on asterisk for everything. You may want to separate out disk array for OS, asterisk, and data (CDRs, voicemail storage) etc. Throwing in databases can help too. Not sure if you need your system to scale, but keep that in mind. We built a system of 20 asterisk servers, 2 openser, 4 mysql servers, a dedicated raid 5 disk array. We gauged that each asterisk server should be able to handle 150 g729 calls with no transcoding (just pass-thru). Our servers are dual cpu 3 years old system. Maybe today’s i7 core can better handle more calls per server.

Your question is too wide. No one is going to do your homework for you. Gather your thoughts and come back with more specific questions.