Suggested improvement to community login dialog

I noticed that when opening the page Welcome to Asterisk Community, the cursor for data entry is not positioned in the box under Login. That’s a nuisance, because it means an extra click before I can use the auto-type facility from a password manager. Without the extra click, data from the auto-type gets leaked. Would it be possible to position the cursor like this:
to make life just that tiny bit easier?
Appreciated. Thanks.

It’s not easily possible. It’s not something skinned/controlled here. It’s part of the discourse-crowd[1] plugin, and this Discourse is also a hosted instance so control is limited.

[1] GitHub - discourse/discourse-crowd: A plugin to enable authentication support for Atlassian Crowd

Note that Bitwarden works as you expect.

Thanks jcolp and sedwards, I appreciate your replies. No further comment from me on this topic.