asks to join community when already here

I’m following the instructions on as closely as possible to report a problem on -

Even when logged in (as to this community, and appearing on the wiki top bar), the wiki shows a message:

Get help on your Asterisk project. Be kept up to date on Asterisk activities. Join the Community

… in a horizontal bar that takes up a good vertical portion of a 768px high screen.

I can understand how this would be an inconvenience for everyone but it’s a big problem on the laptop that we are using for our first Asterisk installation, since every documentation page we are vertically scrolling through has the screen eaten up by this bar.

We need the confluence wiki to know that we are logged in, so this bar can go away. Please let me know how we can direct this enquiry, if it’s outside the forum, or if anyone knows of a workaround.

That bar is present whether an individual is logged in or not, there isn’t a setting that controls it.

thanks @jcolp but I am still hoping there’s a person responsible for the wiki to whom I could pass along this suggestion.

okay then, please let me ask the rest of the community: Is there a person or group responsible for the Asterisk Wiki to whom I can pass along the suggestion above?

What you are referring to on the wiki comes from the marketing group, I’ve asked for your request to be passed on but I (and others here) do not ultimately control what is placed in that area. They also do not frequent this forum.

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dear @jcolp - that’s all I was hoping for & thanks for passing it on…

what a relief: the bar can be removed with a user stylesheet, e.g. adding userContent.css to Firefox with:
#join-community-promo { display: none; }