Success Stories and interesting projects

@malcolmd I think would be great a dedicated section on the forum , where we can share cool things and projects that we have done with Asterisk.That would help to increase the popularity of Asterisk, make the forum more intersting,and also would open the door for business opunity around the world.

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When you say section, what did you have in mind? A category?

The issue with section on this forum it is that they are not honored, because when you enter to the site instead of show topics by section it shows all topic mixed

We lease the forums software here from the Discourse people, so what we can do with it is limited to what we can touch via the Admin panel.

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So well I think the only thing you can do know it is a new category

One of the things that gives us pause with a new category, that’s commercial in nature, is that it can be greatly abused. Where I’m not worried about abuse from known entities such as yourself, I fear for the people we don’t know, who’ll attempt to use it for bad marketing (spamming) purposes. When we moved over to this new platform, we purposefully, and explicitly disclaimed that we weren’t bring over the old “-biz” areas, to discourage folks from showing up and advertising things that aren’t relevant to most of the forums users.

I’m not saying there’s no place for such a thing, and I’m not saying it wouldn’t or won’t happen; I’m just wary about opening an area that could get used in unfortunate ways by unfortunate people.

OK I understand your point about spam and abuse, I hope you just take into consideration a new platform more friendly on the categorization.