Board is flattening into single category

During the day we have gone from having Asterisk Support and Asterisk General categories, to just an Asterisk category, and now no category at all. If the category system is going to work at all, the board is going to have to enforce it somehow. Otherwise you need to bow to the inevitable and assume that no-one will use categories properly.

(We also seem to have lost several categories that were in the original forum system.)

That’s completely right @david551 , This new forum it is completely messy. But I’m aware it is still under development or beta test. I hope the administrator can fix all this glitches.

+1 on the missing categories.

I’m out and about this week, so I can’t comment on any flattening that anyone may be doing, but I can say that many of the categories were deleted on purpose. Many of the old sub-forums were dead, or were poorly used.

What I particularly referred to as flattening was that this board allows people to post at root and branch nodes, as well as leaf nodes, so many people are posting at the root level.