"Beginners" section in the forum

What about adding a new section for the “asterisk beginners” in this forum?
The user section is overloaded from questions regarding the installation of * or just information about it;
very often this questions have been answered more then ten times, or the answer can be easily found in the wiki.


I am on the fence on this one. On one hand it can be a little frustrating answering simple questions that could have been solved by the poster had they spent 5 minutes searching the available resources. On the other hand I can empathize with simple newb questions, there is a lot to digest when getting started with Asterisk.

Here is my opinion. The Users section is just for that, users. If the forum were to seperate the ‘beginners’ from the more ‘advanced’ users than the beginners would get little input, as most experienced folks would rarely venture into the beginners section.

The purpose of these forums is to provide information, insight and answers to all levels of users. The more users that embrace, use and contribute to the community the stronger the entire community becomes for all of us. These are still relatively early days for Asterisk, therefore we are seeing an influx of noobs. Over time, as the community accelerates and gains additional critical mass it may then make sense to begin segregating as other more mature forums/technologies do.

At this time, I say we keep the forum simple and welcome all comers. Even though it does take patience at times.

Thank you for the answer Zmanea and Muppet;
I hope that now people read the announcement before posting.