Stupid question about one voip gateway, asterisk, and

stupid question about one hardware voip gateway, asterisk, and 3 external voip accounts.


First of all - forgive me my poor english and poor asterisk knowledge.

I’ve got hardware voip gateway with analog phone connected.
Unfortunately I’m able to setup only one external voip account with this gateway.

I’m using 3 external sip accounts (different rates for different call directions) - voipdiscount, freeconet, babble

Is it possible to configure asterisk to act like proxy - I would like to put asterisk url to my hardware voip gateway, then choose voip account dialing some prefix with my phone keypad, then dial desired phone number ?

How configuration files should look like ?

Forgive my ingorance - those are my first steps with asterisk.

Is this question too hard or too stupid to answer ?[/url]

This can be done, your * box has to register the three sip accounts (see register in sip.conf), then you just have to setup the dial plan to route the call to a provider using a prefix.


Marco Bruni