Strange Time Problem

Hi there -

I have set up Trixbox 1.2.2 using the pre-configured vmware package. I have everything up and running and everything seems to be working great except one strange problem…

Since Trixbox is running under vmware on a Windows Small Business 2003 platform, it can’t seem to keep the system time right. There is no “rhyme or reason” to what it is doing but for the most part, it seems the time is about 50 minutes ahead of the actual time.

I have set the config option for date/time and timezone. I have verified the actual system time of Windows, and I have verified the time setting of vmware player. I have even modifed the actual Linux “date” command and the time keeps setting itself ahead.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem or heard of anything like this??? Any suggestions???

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.


Well first thing is do not run Asterisk as vmware under windows
second for a production box you will not be happy with vmware (lite load only a few calls no MOH / recording of calls …

nano -w /boot/grub/grub.conf …make your file look like this

kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.9-34.0.2.EL ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=off noapic nosmp nolapic clock=pit


The solution I found to this was to bump the vmware process priority up to ?high". According to Process Explorer from Sysinternals (freeware) there are actually two processes involved ? I set them both to ?high? and the audio problems went away.

[WM: Great tip. Thanks for sharing it. Send us your mailing address. You?ve won a Nerd Vittles PBX-in-a-Flash gizmo! And you?re correct. It works wonders! After installing Process Explorer and cranking up VMware with the TrixBox app, just scroll to the bottom of the list of processes and find the vmware.exe and vmware-vmx.exe processes. Click on each one and click Process, Set Priority, High from the pull-down menus. This fixes the last of two major issues with VMware. The other was the system clock which couldn?t keep the correct time, and that fix already is included in our build. Thanks again.]