Strange output in pjsip show qualify aor


From [1]:
If the contact doesn’t respond to the OPTIONS request before the timeout, the contact is marked unavailable. If 0 no timeout. Time in fractional seconds.”

So I set my Asterisk 16.16.1 with:
type = aor
max_contacts = 1
qualify_frequency = 30
qualify_timeout = 0.001

pjsip show qualify aor 7005

  • AOR ‘7005’
    Qualify frequency : 30 sec
    Qualify timeout : 0 ms
    Authenticate qualify : no
  1. I would expect Qualify timeout to be expressed as a double in fractional sec, to be consistent with:
  • Wiki’s description
  • current behaviour (a 0.001 value triggers an Unreachable message when response is received in 4ms)
  1. When I remove qualify_timeout in pjsip.conf, I would expected a default value to be 3.0, as documented.
    In my testings, I had this instead:
    Qualify timeout : 0 ms

[1] Asterisk 16 Configuration_res_pjsip - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

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There appears to be a bug here, or at least somewhere as there are discrepancies in the way the qualify_timeout is handled, and displayed in res_pjsip. For example, the CLI outputs it one way vs AMI. The default value is related to 1). When showing on the CLI Asterisk takes the specified value (3.0 in default case), divides it by 1000, and then rounds it to the nearest integer, which is zero in this case.

Please create an issue for this on the issue tracker.

Created [ASTERISK-29338] pjsip show qualify documentation inconsistent with behaviour - Digium/Asterisk JIRA

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