Pjsip options always send

I configure endpoints aor with below entry:

qualify_frequency=30    ; Interval at which to qualify an AoR (default: "0")
qualify_timeout=3.0      ; Qualify timeout in fractional seconds (default: "3.0")

if the endpoints shutdown but not send any unregister to server. it will always send options util restart asterisk.(we use realtime with curl, but not clean the contact in this case ). what wrong with me or need to support a failure count with qualify and stop it util reach a limit?

What is the expiration time of the registration? Does this happen not using realtime/curl?

sorry, other configure type not use. expiration is 3600

I understand you’re not using another type but have you tried it? It helps isolate it to realtime. You also haven’t specified what version of Asterisk in use. Does it continue to send the OPTIONS after 3600?

thanks, the asterisk version : 13.16. I will use other type to check it.

Asterisk 13.16 is old, and OPTIONS support was rewritten in the recent version.

what version you recommend for this?

I, and others, will only help with recent supported versions because things do change and get fixed. Chasing old problems is no fun. As well security issues get fixed, so if your Asterisk is publicly accessible you may be vulnerable to those.

thanks. I will try it.