Strange MOH Format

Hi All

Please allow me the opportunity to pick your brains,

I have a Yeastar Enterprise PBX which is running Astersik but it is a very rudementary version of Astersik and they are no help to me with this.

I have tried to edit and upload numerous MOH clips, that i have purchased but none work and the all the places i purcahse them from, inevitable refund my money as the format is completely wack, the format is:

WAV format: GSM 6.10 8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/sThe file size must not be greater than 1.8MB!

please can some one point me in the right direction to rip a soundclip for MOH on this device.

GSM is a vocoder, which means that it will never reproduce music well.

Are you sure the phones are configured for GSM and there are no codec convertors installed in the Asterisk.

Also note that the format you describe is that when you feed Asterisk an extension of .WAV or .wav49 (I think 49 is Microsoft’s codec code for GSM). If you use .wav, it should expect 16 bit, 8kbps signed linear, which tends to be the highest quality that you can usefully use, unless you are using wideband codecs.

The sox utility ought to be able to convert to .wav49 format, if you are really forced to use it.

Windows Sound Recorder should also be able to do the conversion. Make sure that you set the extension to WAV or wav49, but not to wav. I still suspect you should not be using that format, or you should accept the system is not suitable for MoH.