Having Problems with changing MOH default file

Dear All,

I will appreciate if anyone could be of help to resolve this problem. I have been trying to change the Music on hold default file to another file with i just converted to WAV file format. But on the output of asterisk, it keeps telling me it cannot load the file.
I will appreciate if anyone could be of help.


16-bit 8kHz mono wav?

It is not 16-bit 8kHz mono wav. Do i have to covert it in this specified format before it can work?
And if i have to convert it in this file format can you recommend any converter that and do this for me.


Yes, it’ll need to be that format. Try the sox utility.


sox input.wav -c 1 -b 16 -r 8000 output.wav

Thanks i have tried using SOX once but i really don’t understand the usage. But i will give it a try once again and possibly this time i could get it right.


For that format, wav must be in lower case. If it is in upper case, Asterisk will expect a RIFF wrapped GSM file.