Strage behaviour on MOH

Hello everybody,

After a thorough search on the forums and the Internet, I wasn’t able to find a solution for the problems I’m experiencing with the music-on-hold application. The problem is as following:

Somebody dials into the system, and enters a queue with moh playing. So far, so good. Music is played. Then, a representative answers the phone and all goes well. But, when someone is transferred, or put at hold or enters a queue again; there is no MOH!

Simply said, there is MOH played the first time but no second time. The console shows ‘Started music on hold’ when the caller enters the queue, and moh is stopped when the caller leaves the queue. So everything seems to be fine, except for the fact that the caller does not actually hear the music being played!

I’m running the latest stable release ( on SuSE 10.1. The musiconhold.conf is simple:


The directory contains a several mp3 files, which are played back fine on the first moh instance.

Hopefully, I did not overlook something in the documentation. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Kind regards,