[HELP]outgoing music onhold problem when entering waitqueue

Hello all,

we got a very serious Problem with music on hold.

here’s my problem:

When we do a outgoing call eg. to a mobile phone and the called one places us “on hold” at the mobile, we are redirected not to the on hold music of the called, but to the asterisk intern moh.
The problem is not the mobile, but our customers. Some Provider and/or ISDN Hardware
here in Germany send a message over the Network that we are actualy “on hold”.

If we now enter the moh from asterisk, we stay there until the call is ended by the called.
Because there exists no message that the called accepted the call again and we should leave moh of asterisk.

This happens today only with one sip provider in Germany, called QSC. Because they are the only Provider (known by me) who do not filter out the on hold message from the called.
I’ve spoken to our Provider and they working hard on a solution, but they are not very happy about filtering call Information and this is not a technical problem, but a philosopic.

Now you would say, just change your provider and be happy again. But we are very comfortable with them. All other providers only accept prepaid accounts and seperate accounts for any paralell call out.

I would be very happy if someone can help me with my Problem.
I’ve tried everything to avoid this behaviour of asterisk. (parameter to outgoin call, disable moh, …) but nothing seems to work. (Disabling moh works fine until someone intern places someone else “on hold”, then moh was dynamicly loaded by asterisk)
Probably anyone can send me a patch, which disables the outgoing moh notification of queues or something like that or just give me an advice where I have too look in the code where this routine activates the moh. I looked for it by myself, but could not find the right place, where this is handled.(too much code for me ;o) )

All what we will have to do is ignoring the incoming on hold message and stay normal at the called line.
Or probably someone got another workaround for me.

kind regards