Static and low volume on my TDM410p

Hey everyone,

I am running Elastix on a P4 with 1GB of ram (going to upgrade the ram just got the box). I use Cisco 7960G IP Phones on SIP and have a TDM410p card with 4 FXO lines connected to it. Everything works great but here’s my situation.

If I call voicemail from an extension, or 7777, another extension, etc the calls are crystal clear and the volume is very loud. So loud that I have to put it at about 80% on the phone.

My issue though is that if I make a call using the FXO ports to the PSTN, the call volume for me is very low, and I also hear a lot of static on the line. The strange thing though is that if I connect a phone directly to the line, it sounds perfect. What’s even more weird is that to the person I’m calling, I sound crystal clear as well. I’m at home right now and using my cell phone I just called in and got the IVR and it sounds even better than my hosted PBX I’m migrating from there’s no static at all.

The other strange thing is that from the Cisco phone I called my cell phone and left a voicemail. When I play it back on my cell phone there’s no static and it sounds great. I also did the reverse, calling my asterisk voicemail from my cell phone and leaving a message. When I play it back on the Cisco phone, it’s REALLY loud just like the normal internal volume and there’s NO static at all.

So it seems like this is a good thing since it definitely must be a configuration issue since it’s only on my end that I hear it. The other strange thing is I have a VoIP account as well, and using it from the Cisco phones it sounds crystal clear from both ends, no static at all. So it’s only when making calls through the FXO ports that I hear static, but only on my end.

I’m not really sure where to begin troubleshooting. For the volume issue I tried upping the rxgain a bit but I find that that just amplifies the static and echo on the line. I had to put it to something like 10 or 13 before it was a good volume but then the static was really bad and echo unbearable. I can post any config files, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Use the fxotune program to analyze your ports and then configure again your card. Asterisk must be stopped.

Hi there. Unfortunately I’ve already tried that. The problem is weird, like the other person hears me crystal clear no static. Even if I call into the Asterisk box and leave a voicemail, listening to it from one of the IP phones is also loud and crystal clear. It’s just from my end using the IP phone, the volume is low and there’s background static. Like it’s low enough that I have to keep the volume on 100%, but then I’ll call an internal extension or voicemail and it’s so loud I have to turn it down to 60% or so. I tried upping the rxgain but that just made more echo and more static. Just not sure why it would sound perfect to the caller and loud, but to me would have static. Pretty much rules out the lines…


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