Volume drops when forwarding call

Hi all,

I have a TDM2400P installed but I don’t think that the make of the card really matters for this problem, I could be wrong. In my dialplan, I have an extension that forwards to a different number if the number being called first doesn’t answer. The problem is that once the first call is not answered, and asterisk goes to forward the call out, the volume of the call drops dramatically, almost to the point where you have to have the caller shout to be heard at the other end.

Thanks for any help you can give me

I have the same problem. Any solution or answer so far?

have you setup your gains in zapata.conf yet ?

so if i am correct, the first call is always at normal volume and the second call is always at reduced volume?

post your extensions.conf/zapata.conf… sounds like a gain issue…

I have rxgain=8 and txgain=2. It is only on calls that are bridged from one fxo to another fxo channel. No problems with any calls from SIP extensions and I did not notice anything wrong with calls from fxs (analog phones) to fxo. Faxing is OK too. I will try to forward calls through voip provider instead of POTS, just to see how it will work. I will post config later if I don?t solve this problem tonight.

Same problem on many, many installations for the last two years – all using latest Asterisk/Zaptel, no echo, Cisco 7960’s, and TDM400P’s.

Help, anyone?